A temporary condition that effects Costco Members after seeing an appealing food demonstration A.K.A. "demo". Once the Member has seen the demo they abandon their cart, wherever it is. Then in a very zombie-like fashion, often with arms up and in short but determined steps, they make their way to the vicinity of the demo cart and have been known to use pushing and/or broken nonsensical english to acquire said demo sample. After finishing the sample the Member can return to their normal state, unless another demo has been spotted, in which case the condition will continue.
Costco employee #1: " Hey man, you said you were going to get boxes twenty minutes ago, what happened?

Coscto Employee #2: "Sorry dude, I was coming down the main aisle with the boxes but got caught behind some Demo Zombies!"
by TasteLikeChicken August 28, 2010

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