A very talented Runescape player, not very well known. But one event involves him being "scammed" for an item worth "30m" in-game by another player called sir-auroth, he valued pixels over friends.
plays runescape, a Demo Flare, a runescape player
by ricky66tt February 21, 2008
Top Definition
A runescape novelty, When purchased it appears in a cling film wrapper.Ssome people often mistake it for a retarded child.
Player1: Buying a demo flare!, Player2: GTFO I ain't selling you my demo flare, Player 1: WTF I WANT ONE Z0MGZ3RZ @~@@~, Player3: FFS I WANT ONE NAO *unleashes mass pvp murders*
by k0ks0kinas0kk0k August 14, 2009
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