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By far the most powerful and beastly man known alive . He has beaten Chuck Norris in multiple fights and now Chuck Norris worships him. He is commonly known for walking all over defences in the premiership while drinking water and strawberry syrup. Often used to describe how amazing one is or how great something has been done.
Jonjo:Did you see that bicycle kick he scored?
Michael:Ya it was a Demba Ba.

Sam:You are a Demba Ba.
Paul: Thank you that means a lot.
by Fernando Torres yaaaa January 24, 2012
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1. n. A beastly soccer player for Newcastle who could easily take on Manchester United with his buddy Papiss Cisse.

2. interj. A sudden feeling of joy or excitement; overwhelming satisfaction; a congratulatory statement
Thomas: Demba Ba just scored! 34-0 Newcastle ftw!

Connor: I just finished kicking ass in r-ball this weekend.

Thomas: DEMBABA!!!!!!!!!!
by t-stales2478 December 06, 2012
One Demba Ba is equivelant to one pound sterling. Otherwise known as "a ba" (pronounced "bar"). In relation to money as (possibly gold) bars.
"Mum, I've run out of money, can you give me some Demba please?"


"Mum, I've run out of money, can you give me some Demba Bas please?"
by T Reem January 11, 2012

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