A school in Franklinville, New Jersey. At Delsea you will find herds of slutty girls showing off their Uggs and football jocks in their under armour. You can also find plenty of gangstas and junkies bragging about how they drank 5 Monsters the other day. There are plenty of loudmouth morons talking about how they had sex a bunch of times and how they will beat each other up. The teachers constantly have to put up with abuse from the punky delinquents and jocks walking around and tossing their heads like they just drank a Ny-Quil smoothie. Occasionally you will witness a drug dealing sloppily disguised as a handshake.These often result in the drug falling to the ground and the retards getting internal suspension. The nicest people-suprisingly-are the filthy niggers. The students in honors classes are mainly football douches that only took honors to look cool. The orange girls are treated like sex objects by their harem leaders, who are typically football douches. The principal at the high school favors football douches and the vice-principal is a bitch that favors blacks.
Person 1: Hey guys how's it going?
Person 2: Hey. What's up.
Delsea student: Dude, you are gay. I'll kick your ass if you don't suck my cock. You don't play COD? Faggot. You gotta be tea bagged now.
Rational person: Hey man, you want to tea-bag him, but you call him a faggot? That is highly illogical.
Delsea student: I don care what ilililkallogikal, I'm a Delsea wreslter!
Delsea Middle/High School
by My name is already being d;lnm April 25, 2011

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