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One who consumes vast amounts of Delsym or CCC on a consistent basis. The DXM version of the typical pothead. One is attributed the title of dell head only after proving he no longer holds the mental ability he formerly did due to the large quantity of DXM over time. As well as one being so into the use of DXM a large amount of those the user knows are aware of the DXM usage. Also known as DellTripper.
Tim-Yo your cousin timmy seems way slower since the last time i saw him, he used the pencil as a fork to eat his Vienna Sauages.
Bob- I know man hes really been losing it lately, he eats crayons and shit now.
Tim-Whats been going on?

Bob-Well, hes a fucking Dell Head.
Tim-Oh shit
by nutsonyochestsougetchesnuts March 02, 2012
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