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A person that you appreciate immensely. It is also the title you receive after you've done something awesome. Depending on the awesomeness of the action you might even be a delicious canoe or a delicious cruise ship or a hooker boat.

The opposite of a delicious boat is a malicious boat.
"I've made some cookies for you!"

"Aw, thank you! You're such a delicious boat."
by tearsoflemonade February 03, 2010
2 Words related to Delicious Boat
A wonderful person, someone who you appreciate having around. Mostly used as a term of affection for someone who's just done you a favor.
"Did you get me coffee? Thank you! You are a delicious boat."
"The worst thing I can say about that girl is that she is not a delicious boat."
by EWBANH February 03, 2010

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