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A car, with origin unknown, generally with hub cap spinners and an auto parts store sound system. Often the panels are mis colored, or colored naturally from oxidation.

Tires cannot be all 4 of the same make, or size. At least one seat belt serves no purpose, other than ornamentally.

Driver also has a criminal record, and will likely pick up more people than there are seats for and cruise around town looking for more. At least 3 passengers are want to be gang members, as they had joined because the armed forces wouldn't take them due to flat footedness, or inbreeding.

After the car stops working, it is always abandoned, or sold to a meth user to be recycled or traded for drugs
Neven's delhi limo STILL had gas in it when he pulled it back out of the canal using his moms delhi limo and some chain from his front fence to pull it out
by Flaming Cheetos March 22, 2011
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