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Someone who adds road-blocks, bottlenecks, extra steps, and unneeded issues that delay something or someone, either through inconsiderate thinking, a need to increase their own importance through adding work or over complication, or to gain additional time for themselves in a situation or project where they will not be able to deliver.
1- The meeting should have been quick and solved the problem, but Jim was being a delay hole and kept adding unnecessary take away questions.
2- We didn't make the movie because Chad was being a delay hole and wasn't ready to go when we showed up.
3- The delay hole in the car ahead of us is going 20 in a 50, and in both lanes so we can't go around him.
4- I'd like to get to the bank, but my boss just called me into her office with a minute to go in the day. What a delay hole.
5- We should have been able to deliver that program on time but the programmer didn't check for bugs and left early. What a massive delay hole.
by Frey-hawk May 21, 2013
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