This guy...with a twin...that doesn't really look like him...who is wickedly awesome! He likes to play soccer, snowboard and has nice hair!
Dejan rocks many peoples socks.
by cstal February 05, 2010
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A serbo-cratian name. Dejan is a popular name of Serbs but has also been used by Croats and Slovenians.
-Dejan Savicevic, Dejan Stankovic, Dejan Bodiroga (SERBS)
by Dejan April 29, 2004
A symbol of hope for all who uses his excellent comedic timing and big digitoutry to spread happiness amongst his peers
Although he is much smarter and kooler than most people, he still faces challenges in his life, subject to the heavy claws of authority.
However, this does not prevent him from being the best he can be, concluding in a bathtub of his own triumph.
'Believe in yourself'

by guccigetta6969 April 19, 2015
A brutally pig-headed male with a volcanic temper and viciously cruel potty mouth; verbal outlashes are most often fueled by his ego and small-penis-complex.
That Dejan is such a prick. What crawled up his *ss and died?
by knowyoutoowell January 01, 2013

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