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Proper Noun: A name. The best name for an Aquarius. Deja-vu signifies the feeling that you have done/been/seen something before, but you can't quite remember. Dejah as a name is definitely someone you won't forget. If applied to an Aquarius, who are natural peacemakers of the zodiac, everyone that encounters Dejah takes away something memorable, even if after time they can't quite remember the specifics. A high percentage of the time the experience is of a positive nature.

If the name Dejah is applied to any other sign, it makes that sign slightly more peaceful. It also makes the sign intensely more memorable, magical, thinks outside the box, charming, and intuitive.

A person named Dejah is highly innovative, never pleased with routine. This applies to all aspects of live, including the bedroom! Love and intelligence are equally important, and a Dejah will not have one without the other in a relationship.

A Dejah is not entirely concerned with looks, they do take very good care of themselves, but keeping up with fashion and hairstyles and such are not that important.
The name Dejah is the epitome of the word will remember the encounter, but you won't remember exactly how or why.....
by SakuraHana February 03, 2010
Name derived from the french term "deja vu".
Means "already"
Also; an amazing person with a stunning personality that is beautiful and smart.
That girl De'Jah has a nice butt.
by PeaceLoverr April 18, 2010
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