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Wearing the same old Halloween costume to parties, year after year.
Oh, hell, there's Amelia in that same slutty witches costume she wore 5 years ago when she was still skinny and hot!
It's deja boo all over again.
by cloverhays1 October 18, 2010
dating a girl who's cliche and unoriginal attitude reminds you of a girl you've already dated before. a girl who reminds you of a girl youve been with before
flirt kobain: i totally got de ja boo with this girl i took out last time, she dressed like sally, spoke like eva, ate like amanda and even smelt like susanne...i figured sleeping with her would be like masturbating to a mural of all the girls i'd ever been with...
by ed the Word September 23, 2009
n. Seeing others wear the same costume(s) or wearing the same costume(s), yourself on each and every Halloween.

(e.i, the Naughty Nurse, Skanky Police Officer, Slutty Pirate, Dominatrix, Playboy Bunny, Slutty Disney Characters, Slutty Dorothy, Skanky Goth Fairy/Angel...etc.)
Its like deja boo every year when I see a chick wearing a Naughty Nurse costume.
by row!dz November 01, 2010
Derived from the French term dejavu (which is when one feels that the experience s/he is going through is exactly like an experience s/he has gone through before), dejaboo is when the experience is UNPLEASANT.
Yesterday I was walking back to work with my Big Mac when I realized that I'd seen this exact same scene so many times before. And it wasn't dejavu--it was dejaBOO. I've been working as a clerk at the same firm for 25 years, & have eaten the same thing for lunch. BOOOOO
by catfight12 January 07, 2009
The feeling you've treated these goblins before.
I swear I've seen that Spiderman already.. I must be having Deja Boo.
by kitchensix October 31, 2011
A person who keeps breaking up with, and then going back to, their boo...
Why did I see you with Craig, I thought you broke up?
We're back together again...That's my deja boo...
by Lackawanna Chix November 01, 2010
The experience of feeling sure that one's hook up reminds them of a previous hook up.
Dude 1: "Damn that girl last night totally reminded me of Yolanda"

Dude 2: "Sounds like Déjà Boo to me."
by Cutels August 18, 2010