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A condition where one meets a person over and over but the other person can't seem remember them.
"I met that Michael guy at Mary's house warming last year, at Alice's holiday party last year and I just got re-introduced to him last night at Joan and Bob's. He said 'Nice to meet you' like he's never seen me before. He has a serious case of deja who."
by David A Burke January 04, 2009
When you see a person that you swear that you saw before, but you cant put your finger on it.
Dustin: Do you see that blonde over there.
Max: yeah.
Dustin: I am sure. that I saw her somewhere before.
Max: Look like some ones having Deja who.
by SpicyTaco November 03, 2008
1. the unexplainable feeling you have never been
here before

2. the knowledge this place/time has never existed before
and is not likely to ever exist again

3. metaphorically called
"the Calling of a Time Lord"
please do not confuse with "deja who" ≈ deja vu as experienced by Doctor Who
When the Deja Who hit the Time Lord, she knew she had to end that time wobble.
by Whovian Crosstrainer April 27, 2013
When you see someone and you know you've seen them before. You insist you've met and they deny having ever seen you.
Guy: "Hey, where do I know you from?"
Stranger: "I don't think we've met."
Guy: "I definetly know you from somewhere."
Stranger: "Nope."
Guy: "Sorry I must be having deja-who."
by MM of Winc August 15, 2015
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