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A condition where one meets a person over and over but the other person can't seem remember them.
"I met that Michael guy at Mary's house warming last year, at Alice's holiday party last year and I just got re-introduced to him last night at Joan and Bob's. He said 'Nice to meet you' like he's never seen me before. He has a serious case of deja who."
by David A Burke January 04, 2009
22 2
1. the unexplainable feeling you have never been
here before

2. the knowledge this place/time has never existed before
and is not likely to ever exist again

3. metaphorically called
"the Calling of a Time Lord"
please do not confuse with "deja who" ≈ deja vu as experienced by Doctor Who
When the Deja Who hit the Time Lord, she knew she had to end that time wobble.
by Edsquare Ed April 27, 2013
2 0
When you see a person that you swear that you saw before, but you cant put your finger on it.
Dustin: Do you see that blonde over there.
Max: yeah.
Dustin: I am sure. that I saw her somewhere before.
Max: Look like some ones having Deja who.
by SpicyTaco November 03, 2008
5 3