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engaging wild, unusual, or new kinky sexual encounters (first time anal, first time felching, getting your red wings, ect) with a long time sexual partner when, at the conclusion of the encounter, you just feel dirty and or have a hard time maintaining eye contact and never want to speak of said encounter but both of you liked it and will do it again together
Person 1 - Man, (wife's name) and I had some incredible defpotec sex last night.

Person 2 - Oh yeah, what did you do

Person 1 - We used a free range chicken, I felt so dirty afterwards but it was fantastic.

Person 2 - What about (wife's name)?

Person 1 - I don't know we didn't talk about it, I couldn't even look her in the eye after, but I did see her online looking for live chicken suppliers this morning.

Person 2 - Score!
by Barbarosa May 16, 2013
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