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A mental/neurological disorder. The primary symptom: submitting one's own name (or that of an acquaintance) to the Urban Dictionary, usually defined as (for males): "great guy", "spunk pump with huge cock", "mini-micro dick", "an asshole supreme", etc. (for females): "fine lady", "slut", whore", "slut-whore", "skeeving skeezer", "cock tease", "bitch", etc. In the most serious form of the disorder, the patient actually thinks he/she/it is worthy of something beyond the withering contempt and ridicule heaped upon them by the editors.
This guy obviously suffers from "Definition Deficiency Syndrome"-he submitted his girlfriend's name last week and praised her, but now she's a cankerous, syphilitic slut with buck teeth and excess nose hair.
by Mary Nightshade January 17, 2010
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