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Liretally a Definition Whore: someone who posts the same definition at least four times, over and over again, in a vain attempt to pedal, circulate, promote and prove some kind of point. A Def. Whore is usualy someone who wants to:
- put down a country.
- display their racism.
- promote themselves.
- promote their girlfriend/boyfriend/best friend.
- wave their Prejudice Flag.
- to circulate a rumor.
- show what a great "hacker" they are by posting codes and expecting people to give a shit.
- to say the word "nigger" as much as possable.
- tell someone how much they hate Emo.
- deface someone they hate in their home town.
- to deface another girl in a catty way, because the poster is actualy jealous of that Other girl
Mike: "I hate those filthy niggers! I hate Americans and Mexicans and I hate those niggers!"

.... Not only is Mike a Def. Whore, but he's a racist lamens who needn't be taken seriously, due to his lack of common sense and, well, brain cells.
by Peaseblossom85 July 18, 2006
short for definition whore.
1. someone engaged in definition whoring
2. someone who logs on to UD to write a retarded definition about their girlfriend/boyfriend, cat, character in a videogame, etc. that wastes the editors time and delays the approval of more worthy definitons.
shut up you goddamned def whores. no one cares about the retarded antics of your level 60 paladin and "his amazing ability to heal people"
by commustar July 20, 2007
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