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A Definition Troll is someone who comes to the Urban Dictionary and posts ass-backwards "definitions" in attempt to piss people off and start as many Def. Wars as they possably can. A Def. Troll lives a parasidic life, much like the UD Perv and simply has allot of time on their hands. Usefull for nothing other than Trolling the Urban Dictionary and try to get a rise out of people they'll never meet in real life.
A Definition Some Def. Troll Recently Submitted:


When a woman gets what she deserves
Hilarious when a man gets rapes
even funnier when they are chuldren

Joe: Hey did you hear that Jane got raped
Jim: heay that was me
Joe: haha good job

Apparently, Def. Trolls know nothing about punctuation, spelling or grammar.
by Zuniga July 20, 2006