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literally meaning definitely totally. It's used as an agreement and/or for emphasis.

I know it's redundant, that's the point.

Originated in SLOCAL when LMosko used it in a sentence, spread by JC. Brought to NorCal by Soup.
Miss Alyss: "My picture looks like a prostitute mug shot, doesn't it?"
JC: "def totes."

It does.

"We def totes need some (pussy/munchies/local awareness/entertainment)"
#synonyms: totes #def #hell yes #o yea #chyea #second that
by JCeezy September 22, 2008
A mixture of def and totes, used like "really" or "for sure".
-- We should deftotes go to the mall today.
-- Deftotes.
#def #totes #naw #yeah #never in a million years
by deftotesman April 03, 2011
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