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The grotesque smell of a fart that emits the odor of a corpse that has been lying unattended for copious hours as a result of being struck by a large passenger vehicle.
Bobcat: Hey Chip, do you smell that?
Chip: Yeah, what the hell is that?
Bobcat: It couldn't be, could it?
Chip: No way. Actually, wait, I think it is.
Bobcat: Could it be....a deer fart?
Chip: Don't conjure up that phrase unless you mean it.
Bobcat: Hell yes, brother, I believe it's a deer fart.
Chip: Well, I did eat three bags of chili fritos. Not saying that's it, but...
Bobcat: Hell yes brother! A deer fart! By the way, that is putrid man.
Chip: What can I say man? Snakes on a plane...snakes on a plane.
A gesture used to signify apathy towards any subject. Make a fist and extend your pinky skyward. Then make a fart sound with your tongue. (Let's make this catch on.)
Person 1: Not only have I placed at Wimbledon, I'm also a champion Equestrian.

Person 2: ::Pinky in the air:: Blrrbbbbb (Deer Fart)
by Allotrope September 14, 2011
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