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a term used to describe an object when you cant remember it's proper description.
e,g he it's on of those deeleys or pas me that deeley over there.
by the crazy ass white boy September 04, 2005
A 'big deal'. Someone or something that people look up to and respect. Usually associated with men who are considered above their peers.

"He's kind of a deeley"
"We need a deeley, or we're all screwed"
by Maxi Taxi January 23, 2009
A horrid little man with weird body hair who cant tell thee truth even when it would be better than a lie.

Person 1 - Have you got bail money?
Person 2 - Why was Perkins arrested again?
Person 1 - Yah, told the cops a huge story lie when the truth would have not got him arrested.
Person 2 - He's such a Deeley!
by ohhhyeah May 14, 2008