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u down for anything
LIL GITT: "lets hit the block tonight"


by PRINCESS PEACH21 March 25, 2009
Definition One: To be fly, fashionable, sharp, trendy, chic & such

Definition Two: The state of continuously being ready. Whether it be ready to fight, engage in intercourse, party, or whatever it may be. Also known as being "there"

(Originated in the urban parts of Tampa, FL)
Definition One: "I went to Lil' Wayne's concert last night and I was soooo decka! My dress alone was $300!"

Definition Two: "I thought I was going to have to fight at the party yesterday. It didn't happen, but I was decka in case it did"
by Divalicious813 January 25, 2010
you ready for whatever . anything goes .
her: you want to go now ?

him: i'm decka any day !
by port tampa813 March 03, 2010