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1: A shit/turd so painful it Kills you.
2:The Last shit you will ever take before you die.
3: The dump someone takes on death row before they meet 'ole-sparky'
4: When you die and THEN you shit yourself, being definatley the last shit you ever take!
5:When someone has been on the toilet so long and never come out, they must have shith their Death Turd.
6: A Shit so horrible it is the harbinger of DEATH!
7: Barack Obama
1: My Dad... he... He shit his Death Turd!
2: As i sat by my dying father's side, i held his hand, it was such a solemn moment... Until he Shit his Death Turd
3: Times up Maggot, its off to the chair with you, hurry up and shit your Death Turd.
4: I Watched my dad die on the street, i wept until i caught the scent of his Death Turd.
5: Theyve been in there an hour, i think they shit their Death Turd!
6:Oh God, the world's gonna END, i just Shit a Death Turd.
7: I went to Washington and Met the Nation's Death Turd.
by MajorBabeMarshal March 05, 2012
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