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To scare people to death with your eye through a Tesco bag
1) Put a shopping bag over your head and breath in through your mouth and close. This forms the shape of a face! Next..

2) Make x1 eye hole in the bag! Make one eye hole only.. Next

Tilt your head and glare at the person you want to scare, and act crazy. If you feel like it evben shout "THE EYE OF DEATH"!

WARNING : not for the faint hearted

Dude that girl death eyed me and now I can't sleep!
"I waited for over an hour under her bed to pop my head out and give the the death eye" Scared the sh*t out of her!
#evil #halloween #scare #frighten #grim reeper #panic #wee #poo
by Burtnlovely May 30, 2011
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