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Dearborn high school is a high school in dearborn michigan, duh. out of the 3 higschools in the city its the smelliest, not just from the rabs but from all the people thinking their shit don't stink. Edsel Ford High School and dearborn have are probably the biggest rivals of the city being just down the road from each other, but have many rabs but dearborn wins here, with there school killing the ozone layer from all the axe and tag spray and no showers. They have an amazing theater program probalbly the best in the city but as of right now thats about it. Most are refered to as a cake eater , why idk seeing as though they are the pioneers. also breaking pumkins on their field is a tradition cause they're also pumkin heads. all in all, fuck dearborn.
"whats that smell? Oh its just dearborn high school."

"fuck those cake-eaters" -thunderbird
by edsel_rocks October 01, 2009
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