Top Definition
1. A dude's man hammer/ salami stick/ meat rod/ etc.

1a. A man's manhood

1b. Membership to the pen-fifteen club
Deanzer ( pronunciation: dēan-zu̇r)

1. After wasting away a saturday night with some random chick to only end up having her try to start a fire with your mushroom tip, the next morning you might say to your buddies: "dude, my effin deanzer hurts"

2. If your all hanging around on the couch and you've got mesh shorts on: "hey guys take a look at the deanzie!"

3. If your buddy passed out drunk with his shoes on, someone might beat their deanzer oh his face, hopefully until there is noticeable redness and/or swelling.
by butchyinstead March 08, 2009

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