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The act of being fooled into Anal Sex, by promises of the same from a female.
"Yeah she said I could mine at her marmite funnel if I let her do the same to me first. But she backed out after she had done me..."
"Dude. . how Deakesque"
by Zuch February 12, 2012
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The description of one who practices Deakism. Deakesque acts usually involve draughty clothes and objects marked 'not to be taken internally' controlled by a very controlling woman
We're all sitting comfortably knowing we're not deakesque
by dee-k-esk September 15, 2003
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To enjoy toys in an unnatural way. Normally involving members of the opposite sex and large plastic objects.
"put that thing away, I'm not feeling deakesque right now"
by Jimmae September 10, 2003
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As one who enjoys self-fenestration with childrens' playthings
The way he sat on that FisherPrice hammer was so, like, deakesque
by S Pombe October 31, 2003
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The description of one with practices Practical Deakism.
I'm sitting comfortabley because I've not been deakesque
by Yak September 16, 2003
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to Deak... to take descrption of sexual acts beyond the normal socially acceptable norm.
good god, I didnt need to hear _just_ how far up your butt that banana went.
by Cas September 12, 2003
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