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a nickname used in a Rolling Stone online review for the deceased Beatles John and George. I think it may have been a review of George's new greatest hits collection. Don't quote me on this.
Some rock journalist's newly-coined word "Deadles" is derived from the words "Dead Beatles".

John Lennon became the first Deadle on December 8, 1980. On the same token George Harrison joined the Deadles on November 27, 2001. Those 2 days were tragic for rock but fabness is forever.
by Blue Meanie Mustard June 20, 2009
Someone who is poor in an online game because they get killed allot.
Piraskull is jumped by a clan in the mmorpg runescape's wilderness area.
Piraskull: Now I'm a Deadle
Some guy that isn't piraskull: you died?
Piraskull: Yeah, and now I'm poor.
by Piraskull June 26, 2007
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