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The state of being addicted to "The Walking Dead". Usually accompanied by unconsciously thinking about the show throughout the day, mentioning it at least once a day to your friends or coworkers, and having dreams which include you as a member of the survival group and/or steamy dreams of you hooking up with one of them.
"Bethany, I had a crazy dream last night that Daryl and I were making out in a basement, and then a walker came in and he shot it with his mighty crossbow. How masculine! I'm so Deaddicted."

Instructor: "Excuse me Michael, are you listening to the lecture? I worked long and hard on these repetitive PowerPoints that I got online. Why are you drawing zombies all over your notes?
Michael: "I'm sorry Dr. Mason, i'm Deaddicted."

Lauren: "OMG, but for real you guys, last night's episode was crazy! There was this one part when--"
Boss: "'ve already gave all of us a run through of the entire episode, now finish counting your drawer so you can open it, and take care of the 5 customers waiting in line for you!"
Customer #3 in line: "She must be Deaddicted."
by Soaring Skies White Eagle March 30, 2014

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