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A curve on I-90 where it meets with/ splits from OH Rt. 2 on the edge of downtown Cleveland. Going Westbound, there's an onramp from OH. Rt. 2 Eastbound just after it, so you have to cross over 2-4 lanes of traffic to get into Downtown Cleveland. Posted speed limit is 35 mph. Lots of traffic accidents involving ice/snow, tractor-trailors, and drunk drivers.

Then you get to have fun trying to hit I-77 or I-71 so you can get ANYWHERE into Southern or Western Cleveland and the accompanying suburbs. Another fine mess from the fucktards at ODOT!
"This jerkoff was trying to race me from the minute I got on the freeway, but I dusted his ass on Dead Man's Curve doing 70 mph."

"I was on my way to see you and a bunch of stunters on crotch rockets were weaving all over Dead Man's Curve, I was sure one of them was gonna crash."
by Pfefferknusse X. Anonymuss May 12, 2007
hazardous and sharp curves on a high speed road that often result in cars losing control and crashing
you don't come back from Dead Mans Curve
by Mattholder1694 September 05, 2010
1. A really sharp 80 degree turn on Texas Highway 175
Dude, I almost killed myself on Deadman's curve last night.
by CR22ZZ February 20, 2009
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