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When someone that you do not like, either likes or comments on your Facebook status. Them being the loner, has made your status a dead status. No one will comment on it anymore other than that person again.
____________ : Just got head from my smoking hot girlfriend. My life is complete :D

^ 8 people like this

Fag Bag: Wow dude, you have a penis? Couldn’t tell. Lol! XD

(For the most part, the comment they have to say displays them as mentally handicapped. Notice how the person above, Fag Bag, acknowledges that the status that someone posted as a dude, then later says that they have no penis, contradicting the entire existence of the comment; making whoever commenting an annoying fuck.)

Congratulations your status is now dead and your girlfriend won’t go down on your cock anymore. (Fuck this Dead Status!)
by jomama217 January 04, 2011
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