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Similar to The Chewbacca Defense, wherein a person will completely switch the subject of their argument to something totally unrelated. By hammering this point home the intent is to make the debating partner completely give up. In a Dead Chewbacca Defense, the point that the user switches to will be completely wrong, untrue or contradictory, and he or she will continue to support this point and hammer it in until the opponent has to go with it and submit.
Named for the Chewbacca Defense and the Dead Parrot Defense.
Here, Rob uses the Dead Chewbacca Defense
Doug: Well, I can see your point there but beauty is defined by the individual-
Rob: My shirt is blue!
Doug: No it's not..
Rob: Sky blue!
Doug: Your shirt is white.
Rob: My shirt is blue!
Doug: Screw it.
by Jordrake December 05, 2010
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