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the best boy ever and is the coolest person in the world

defin: hot sexy awesome outgoing cool popular and lady crazy people call them his hero
deangelo is my #1 hero
by dub zero November 14, 2011
66 23
a really sexy guy that is easy to fall in love with!!!
tall person
sexual freak
love of muhh life
everybody call him d!!
by sarahislh August 25, 2008
195 85
A really perverted person who stalks girls home, masturbates in public, and states he has a boner near girls. Deangelo can't say "women" correctly so he calls them "wimmin" instead in a redneck accent. He's also inevitably gonna grow up becoming a pimp.
A Deangelo can't control his hormone, so he's in prison for pimping and rape.
by Tobi-sama November 23, 2013
18 7
The act of pleasuring yourself with a taco and eating it afterwards.
"That was the the best DeAngelo ever, felt great and tasted even better."
by 69assmonkey69 February 04, 2014
6 3
A guy's abs that are p-p-perfect! Look at a picture of the abdominal area of the singer DeAngelo and you will know what I am talking about.
What? He has DeAngelos?? DAMN!!! I wanna see!!
by Annie June 16, 2004
23 20