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De Facto- means "in effect" or "in practice"

Relationship- A "romantic" connection between two people

A De Facto Relationship is when two people are essentially dating but they haven't made it "official" and claim that they are not an item when asked by other people. De Facto Couples engage in all of the activities that a normal couple would, such as constantly hanging out with each other and hooking up on a regular basis (usually, but not always, while intoxicated). Such relationships do not often endure for over a month because, by that time, they have either dissolved or have been made official. The De Facto is somewhat common in American high schools.

The De Facto Relationship is not to confused with a short lived relationship that is purely physical. This would most often be labeled as Fuck Buddies.

It is also not to be confused with a relationship that involves the dub group De Facto (however rad that may be).
Observant Teenager: What's the deal with Ben and Mimi? I always see them hanging out but I hear that they're not dating.

Someone Who Knows Whats Up: They've got a pretty good De Facto Relationship going but I'm sure it's only a matter of time before it's legit.

Observant Teenager: I dig. Speaking of De Facto, i feel like some dub. Let's find a dark basement and groove this shit.
by Dude Bra! April 27, 2008
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