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The largest diamond mining and selling company (read cartel) in the world. Hoards the world’s diamonds so that they appear "rare" and can therefore charge ungodly prices for heated, pressurized carbon. Also about 90% responsible for the mass murder, rape, violence, and civil war being fought in many African countries. Additionally, contributes to funding (through price fixing of diamonds) terrorist organizations like Hezbollah and Al Qaeda so that they can carry out mass murder and destruction on innocent individuals across the globe.
Dude, you wanna start a civil war and bring death, suffering and carnage to the De Beers.
by Brandon C. September 06, 2005
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drinking after a particularly stressful time
Man, the SAT tests were so stressful. What do you say we go to the club and de-beer?
by Rachel Johnson April 10, 2008
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