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A VERY rare last name dating back from before the 1600s. Originated it eastern Netherlands during the rise of the De Iongh Dynasty. The Surname, De Iongh, is a direct branch from the royal descendants of King Hendrick Carel De Iongh of the 1400s.

The name is rarely seen nowadays but when it is, we can safely assume that the royal blood is present amongst them.

De Iongh is a strong Last Name and whoever possesses it will live a full life without worry or anxiety due to the wealth and fortune De Ionghs are destined.

They are popular and loved by all of their peers. Opposite genders file in line in attempts to grasp a De Iongh for themselves but De Ionghs choose their partners wisely with both looks and overall genuine personality in mind. Also sought by all sexes due to their outstanding ability to sexually please.

One must not seek a De Iongh. A De Iongh must seek you.
Obama: Where is De Iongh?

???:Sir, you must address him by his full name...
Charlotte: WHOA.... Who is that? He's perfect!!!

Everyone Else: That's a De Iongh...
Teacher: Jacob, have your seen your friend Peter De Iongh?

Jacob: No, but I'm sure if The King needs us, he'll find us.
Melissa: Christine, what are you doing for Spring Break?

Christine: Not sure but De Ionghs are coming in from Europe and I'd like a piece of them.
by De Iongh December 17, 2010
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