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A student solely committed to the act of alcoholism by purchasing the cheapest alcohol in an act to get drunk and save money for more alcohol in the future. They have the determination to get wasted by taking in Milwaukee's Best and Milwaukee's Best Ice while taking shots of Korski. They give up their taste buds so they can be unconsciously wasted. Their brain cells take a beating as they have been reportedly getting drunk on more than one weekday. Their innebriation due to alcohol should be modeled after.
A Dayton Flyer will get a case of Beast Ice for $8.99 and buy a handle of Korski for $10. Sure it might not have a "refreshing taste" but who is looking to get drunk and who is looking for some good beer.
by 2004-05R.O.Y. September 12, 2005
Professional College Party School
The University of Dayton Flyers was not listed on Playboy's Top Party Schools because they believe professionals should be ranked amongst amateurs.
by RUDYFLYER February 04, 2006
The act of having sex with a female on the top bunk, and then once finished the male partner pushes the girl of the top bunk causing her to go "flying."
Roommate #1: "Yo, what was that loud thud last night?"

Roommate #2: "Oh, that was me finishing with a Dayton Flyer after pounding this chick."
by Brostuff October 10, 2010

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