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Day goats run through fields, grazing, stretching and enjoying life in the light of day; as opposed to Night goats that have a more difficult time doing things that Day goats accomplish with ease. Applied in a more broad sense, a Day goat is anyone who pretentiously or obliviously enjoys a freedom that they take for granted.
The French are from France, the Germans from Germany, Canadians of course are form Canada... Those from the Netherlands are called Dutch, what Day-goats!

Aafke: I speak 5 languages so finding work is pretty easy.

Chris: Wowsers, that's must be nice.

Aafke: Yea, we Dutch go to University free of charge so it really helps out the youth of our country.

Chris: Day goat

Aafke: What?

Chris: Nothing.
by Oilcan Boogs November 23, 2009
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