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To get drunk, consume rather large amounts of alcohol
Let's go get dawsoned tonight
by Wigsy February 16, 2008
242 218
To be the best at every possible thing. Inlcuding sex.
'Chuck Norris ain't got nuthin on Dawson.'
by Italian Stallion153 September 12, 2007
824 347
A very sexy, yummy boy who is usually good at sports and tall. He is funny as hell, and plays hard to get.
"Damn, Dawson is mighty fine!"
by ristricted December 30, 2011
381 157
A first love, a "soulmate", like the boy who lives down the street, boy who you loved or dated throughout high school or adolescence, etc. Derives from title character of Dawson's Creek, the TV series.
"Oh, my highschool sweetheart...he was my Dawson..."
by blob6 October 05, 2009
358 182
He is such a fox, he doesn't just look like a fox, he is literally a fox.. no fucking joke.... his penis is bigger than a foxes though... its like a whale in the category.
Did you sleep with him?
he's a dawson..
really.. that big...
oh yeah!!!!!
by humorus March 06, 2009
287 194
To get drunk, consume a large amount of alcohol
Let's go to the pub and get Dawsoned tonight
by Wigsy February 18, 2008
317 259
One who claims he has a penis of approximately 7.5 inches, which is secretly a lie. The lie usually sounds like 'Its only natural, nothing suspicious.'
Boy: I have the fattest dick...
Girl: Want to let me see?
Boy: No? i can tell you that its a Dawson, expect no proof.
Girl: I doubt its a Dawson, thats like 50 inches...
Boy: Get out of my sight.
by Cha man tommy November 03, 2010
129 121