A smelly ass motherfucker. Who needs to take a really long shower (with soap) or a bubble bath. Usually when you are approached by a Dawda you are left with the feeling he may of shat himself. Dawda's are normally darked skinned and was slaved in the previous life. If you are faced by one of these creatures you may have to cover your nose.
Girl 1: "Damn that boy smells like a Dawda!"
Girl 2: "I know right, don't go near it"
by welikecheese November 24, 2012
Top Definition
Noun: A person who hits on a bunch of girls

Verb: Another word For Poop
That Dawda just hit on My Girlfriend!

Oh God!!! I got to Take a Dawda
by Percy Jackson And The Olympian October 22, 2013
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