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A shitty place where I grew up, full of white kids thinking they are either 'gangster' or 'preppy'. Most either belive they are like people in Flint or Grand Blanc. It also has a high consintration of potheads and people that think they are as cool as people from larger citys and infact belive they live in a city similar as such.
Black kid that has lived in Davison his whole life:"Yo I'd be the realist nigga in Flint if my parents would let me go there"

Me:"Get a fucking life and move out of Michigan, It's a hell hole. Should have never been born in Davison MI."

Preppy kid:"My parents are so gay, they wont let me max out their credit card at hollister anymore."
Me:"Get a fucking job and pay for your own shit, Your eightteen God damn years old, move out of Davison MI if you don't like it. Bitch."
by MichiganIsFuckingGay December 02, 2007
a shithole in the middle of michigan.
near Flint Michigan, about 45 minutes from Detroit.
I live in Davison MI.
by mollie l. February 26, 2007
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