A farm in London, Canada owned by a convicted child molester David Rock. This is a place of comfort and peace for fellow molesters such as 'Redneck Rickem' and 'Crazybritishbloke'. They are rumored to encourage others from around the world to bring their underage girlfriends so David and his buddy's can secretly get footage of these girl's in Bikini's while claiming to use the footage for youtube.
"Hey rickem, you going to davids farm today?"
"Yeah redneck homie, im going to bring my collection of child porn with me"
"Yeah dude! Ill see you there!!"

"hey wanna go crash a pickup and rape a child for teh interwebs"

"Daves farm is this way"
by Alexander_III October 26, 2009
Top Definition
A convicted pedophile who was suspended from YouTube after using the site to harass the mothers of kids who he is not allowed to have any contact with
davidsfarm is a pedophile
by mikegfgf June 11, 2011
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