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Heir to the immense Rockefeller family fortune, David Rockefeller is a psychopathic old man who wants to reduce the world's population. He's the man behind both Zbigniew Brzezinski and Henry Kissinger, two mass murderers, and uses him money to fund China's one child policy. In his earlier days he used to meet with people like Saddam Hussein, but now he lets others do that for him. His family is responsible for the rise of eugenics, by funding Nazi scientists. Nowadays he continues his families heritage by going to the Bilderberg meetings every year, where he determines the coarse of the planet for the following year, together with other influential people, like the Rothschild and Warburg families, Royal families of Europe, and the heads of the biggest banks and oil companies.
Wow, I just went to UD, and found out about this evil man, called David Rockefeller.
by David Rothscum August 31, 2008
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