The chameleon of rock music.
David Bowie has changed his style more times than most people have changed their socks!
by SuperSonicX September 18, 2005
The only man on Earth who is permitted to sparkle.
Edward Cullen doesn't have anything on David Bowie! Edward is a fucked-up fairy-vamipre-hybrid. David Bowie is an awesome singer. I am actually a Twilight fan, and even I know that.
by Harry Potterhead January 27, 2011
He made 'life on mars' the best song ever
by Anonymous October 09, 2003
David Bowie: Deep, hypnotic sexy voice, vampire like looks, one of the fewest rockers that could pull of a feminine look and still be masculine, acted as the Goblin King in the Labyrinth which is not only a badass film that you could do magic mushrooms too and then watch, but features some dope ass songs that Bowie made. P Diddy (aka Puffy Daddy or Sean Puffy Combs, known notoriously as jacking other older songs from various genres and remaking them into hip hop music) took one of Bowie's song's melody (David Bowie's Let's Dance) and the lyrics of GrandMaster Flash: The Message and made a song out of it. Bowie also modeled for Tommy HilFiger with Emon (a ebony model with no hair and possibly in a Jame's Bond Movie)Also, Bowie's influence over music is on the same wavelength as bands like Jane's Addiction, Pink Floyd, Led Zep. period.
Me: Dude, David Bowie has on make up and wears tight ass clothes like Emo's would but what a badass.
by TheeImran November 04, 2006
An auteur of the highest degree. Also happens to be mind-blowingly gorgeous to behold.
David Bowie is the epitome of cool.

by thedarkevilone March 21, 2007
A beautiful, semi-androgynous alien that fell to earth in 1976. Has innate seductive powers, often exhibited through a haunting mating call (sounds oddly like rock music). Has been rumored to have the ability to impregnate earth women with a glance.
"I always had a repulsive need to be something more than human." --David Bowie
by C. M. L. July 30, 2009
An amazing, legendary, genius icon in the music industry. There are not enough superlatives to adequately describe his talent, adaptability, exquisite beauty, incredibly sensuous voice, innovation, vastly ranging vicissitudes of style and genre (rock, pop, soul, metal, alternative, jazz ...)...
I love David Bowie and his music. He has been my favorite forever, and he's so fantastically exciting as a musician (performer and songwriter), he's a very good actor (stage and screen), and he is SO HOT, omg!
by KMEv August 13, 2008

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