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Someone who is a movie star, and is often seen in films such as, Star Warz: Return of the Phantom Empire Clones, and someone who portrays a mexican ganster in El Noche De la Chupacbra. A David Rust is also someone who is often seen being super cool, and is also often hanging with his super cool friends. Other names for a David Rust are just Rust, Rusty, Rustman, Huey junior, little Huey, Blah, Pepe, Peeps, Peepster, and of course Daveykins Sugarcakes.
Wow you know David Rust...He is super cool
He was DaveyKins Sugarlips but now he is DaveyKins Sugarcakes
I wish i was cool as David Rust
by someone July 04, 2004
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