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David Parker Ray was a very sadistic man indeed. With his $100,000 homemade torture chamber, which he conveniently called his "Toy Box" which contained several items he called his "Friends" such as: Whips, Chains, Pulleys, Straps, Clamps, and Leg Spreaders, etc. For years he tortured unfortunate victims in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.

His actions were everything from sadism and sex slavery to murder. Inside the torture room with numerous sex toys and torture implements there was an electronic generating device that was used in torture, as well as a 12-volt motorized breast stretcher. Ray would often have a recorded audio tape of himself he played for his victims whenever they regained consciousness. Ray has been recorded as saying he killed at least one person a year for 40 years.
David Parker Ray is one sick mother fucker!!!!
by Rough Times March 04, 2009
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