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Sexy, classy, fun. Always happy, great friend, mysterious and intimidating in a way. She is not scared to break your heart. Scottish for "beloved."
That Davia is so sexy and mysterious, she is sure to break your heart!
by lisa lo March 04, 2009
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Davia is just another word for a unique amazing person. Davias are usually extremely outgoing, upfront, super fun to hangout with, Social, beautiful ( SUPER HOT/SEXY)l and different than any other girl you can possibly meet. If you ever meet a Davia, youll never forget her or never want to get rid of her because she will keep you wondering and wanting more. She can also be very intimidating at first, and maybe a flirt, but thats just how she is. She can be persuasive sometimes a badass, but she is also a sweetheart and loves to make other people laugh. Most Davias are athletic and get along with everyone. Davia is one of a kind.
DUDE! Have you met that girl Davia?

Yeah! I did!
Bro, she is hot and super chill to talk too.
by Robert Lyle February 18, 2013
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Name of an amazing woman. Pronounced DAY-VEE-AH. Means Goddess in India.
Once you meet Davia, you will never be the same.
by Davia February 18, 2009
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Da-Via noun/verb \ˈdā-vī-ə\

1. A state of being completely unfit for the task at hand but acting under the impression that one is overly qualified and amply certified to perform the aforementioned task.

2. The act of making up stories and accomplishments in ones life to try to be more interesting than the boring firefighter you are.

3. A self proclaimed PT stud, who reaches muscle failure after performing 5 pushups.

4. A laugh that begins with a long sigh and is followed by an abrupt but hyphenated, single syllable laugh.

5. Dorky, quirky and Steve Urkel like in all ways possible, and being completely socially inept.
1. Guy 1-Dude, I'm thinking about being special forces. Guy 2-But, you're a librarian. Guy 1-I think can do it. Guy 2-Stop being a Da Via.

2. Guy1-"You so are doing a Da Via with that bullshit ass story."

3. Guy 1- Im going to do BEAST on this PT test. Guy 2-Didn't you Da Via the last test. Guy 1-Nah man I did 6 pushups.

4. (Sigh)------------------------------------------ah

5. Girl 1-Steve is so fuckin weird. Guy 1-How so? Girl 1- He's a Da Via.
by WordGuy April 10, 2013
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