A rock god in his own right, Davey Havock is the mesmerizing singer of AFI or A Fire Inside. There aren't many guys that can pull off blue eyeshadow, but if there is one man it is the beloved Davey Havok.
See the majestic Davey Havok in the new AFI video Miss Murder (Directors Cut) has him in blue eyeshadow. Watch it and you'll see, he looks wonderful.
by Adi101 June 06, 2006
Top Definition
Genious lyricist and gorgeous frontman of A.F.I. and worthy of god-like status among the despair faction.
Person A : Have you ever seen something so beautiful?
Person B : Well, now that I come to think of it, yes. Davey Havok.
by Murder March 13, 2005
Davey Havok is:
1) lead singer of the phenominal band A.F.I. (a fire inside) which originated in Bay Area, Ca

2) one of the most gorgeous men in the world

3) great lyricist to either troubled teens or poetic...people

4) just plain grrrrreat
i love Davey more than anything in the world
by chris v. August 06, 2005
1. lead singer of A.F.I (A Fire Inside)

2. a person with the most GORGEOUS hair when it's long.

Davey Havok's hair is lovely. He is an example of hair greatness.
by Empress Nikachu May 03, 2006
1. Frontman of AFI.
2. Most gorgeous creature alive.
3. Worthy of a god-like status.
4. Very nice man.
5. Clumsy man.
6. Greatest lyrcist alive.
Davey Havok Is The Most Amazing Man Alive!
by Cami! July 13, 2006
5'10", brown eyed pile of really gorgeous man. Lead singer of AFI. Writer of beautiful lyrics.
"Look it's Davey Havok!","Wow, that's a really gorgeous man."
by Camellia Lester July 13, 2006
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