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The traditional form of listening to Dave Matthews Band, whether live or recorded, it is growing in popularity especially in suburban areas amongst high school students.
Guy 1: Yo what are you doing tonight?
Guy 2: Idk yet I was thinking about Daveing and hanging out with some bros, and maybe some LAX
Guy 1: That's a mistake
by TRich1441 June 08, 2009
2 1
The act leaving the smoke rotation during any part once first lighting has occurred. Usually to go and listen to Dave Mathews band or other similar suburb bands.
Corry- "Yo Jimmy where the hell is Dave going i just sparked up this blunt"

Vic-"yo dude don't dip in the middle of a blunt"

Dave-"sorry guys im gonna Daveing on you, got a new Dave

Mathews band CD".
by vmedhe2 June 29, 2010
8 2