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Any member of personnel (often IT) who's job deals extensively with the manipulation, transfer, or control of databases or the like
Hey Jimbo, The server just crashed again. Better call up the Data Wranglers so they know this problem is consistant.
by pythonspam May 13, 2004
A software developer / database administrator responsible for OLAP tools. Reports to a dumbass junior VPs of Sales, not the IT or IS people. Usually a low-paid consultant. Generates stupid reports for stupid people.
The data wrangler wants us to put another joint-key index on the sold_items table. Dumbass, doesn't he know that slows down inserts?
by javaman May 12, 2004
low end data processing person, person who enters numbers and perhaps does some mild calculations.
all jane could manage as a job in IT was as a Data Wrangler... she wasnt smart enough to be a Database designer or developer.
by freddy fudpucker May 11, 2004
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