He's a star.. balla P.I.M.P. hustler/ Buisnessman. The G.O.A.T. when it comes to fuckin these hoes. AKA.. SE definition for JP
whos dat... oh snap its DAATT BOYY!!!
by Sir Dickems February 24, 2005
Top Definition
a gangstalicious person. "dat boy" is the true embodiment of a G. usually hails from massachusetts.
adam: you seen dat boy?
emily: ya i seen dat boy
adam: dat boy gotta fresh grill
by Star Power February 13, 2009
a person dats so fly, you dont even have to say their name... they're just Dat Boy
man he's fly, he got gear and everything... who you talkin bout? Dat Boy!
by Leroy Jenkins April 02, 2005
Another word for the drug...crack! Used when a druggie calls a dealer to ask if he has any crack...instead of actually saying crack.
Whut up ni**a? Have you re-uped on dat boy...cuz I need some bad!
by Juicie J(Jocelyn) July 24, 2006
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