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"Das Butt" is used in episode 67 of The Simpsons to describe a pornographic movie. The title of the movie is making reference to "Das Boot," a famous German submarine movie from 1981.
Hey, did you see Das Butt?
by the internets are tubular July 26, 2008
used primarily in Wales, refers to a guy that thinks he is very good at everything but in reality is average at best. Constantly trying to show off and often exagerates/creates stories. Can also be used to refer to someone who thinks they are a lot 'cooler' than they are.
"I'm really good on the guitar, my band supported the Foo Fighters" "Shut up Das Butt"

"He claims to be a fantastic cricketer, but he's a Das Butt"

"I was the coolest guy in my school" "yeah right Das Butt you used to get bullied all the time!"
by andydon April 15, 2008